A drop of ink, a million links.


The School of Design at Nanyang Polytechnic invites you to celebrate with our graduating students at their Graduation Show.


This annual Graduation Show will showcase creative works of the students...


The culmination of their learning journey at NYP, which started figuratively with a drop of ink.



Albert Lim Song Lian


School of Design

It all started with a drop of inkā€¦


When you joined us three years ago, we saw in you a strong passion and a desire to find your creative self.


The School created many opportunities for you to work on projects, both client-based and self-initiated. With each project, we encouraged you to explore and discover, to find inspiration and to keep pushing the boundary and never be satisfied.


Your journey throughout the three years can be depicted by the flow of the ink. A drop of ink, randomly splattered yet gracefully evolved through sheer hard work to transform into creative work now on display at the Graduation Show.


The theme A drop of ink, a million links also reflects how your passion can turn into a dream come true. The Graduation Show signifies blossoming of your passion and the links it has created for you - links with your classmates, teachers, industry and friends.


Congratulations to the Class of 2017 and have a great Show!